Life in review

Background & Education

Born and raised in Timișoara, Romania, Cristian studied accounting and economy in high-school, now with a major in Economy and International Business from West University of Timișoara he is passionate about web-development and wants to build a better future trough innovative web-applications.

Even without an electronics degree, he is passionate about it and have learned everything by him-self with the help of the internet, hence the wish to give back to it by publishing some of his knowledge and investing time and money in web-sites and technologies for the future.

Technology was in his heart from child-hood but the passion for programming started during high-school while playing an online game and his account got “social hacked” and because of this he started investing his free-time into learning how to build his own games and later got into web-development and discovered that this is what he wants to do for the future.

Company & Plans

The company first started as a mentoring and personal development platform but later because of lack of capital he decided to transform it into an IT agency and ever since he offers external IT consultancy and web-design for clients in Romania.

Now he is re-designing the company web-site and plans to transform his company into the leader in web-development industry in Europe.

In the distant future the plan is to create a holding company that will invest in businesses around the world to enlarge his portfolio and promote entrepreneurship in Europe and especially in his hometown Timișoara, where he plans to offer free support to start-ups.

Projects & Involvment

Over the years ever since his high-school years he invested a great deal of his time into NGOs doing volunteer work.

He was the students president in his school, he organized 3 years in a row Exercise Companies and competed in 5 international competitions and won different prizes with these companies. He also participated 4 years in a row at a national web-design contest where in year 2011 he won the first prize in the national phase of the contest.

During his collage years he volunteered in the organizing committees of some events and conferences, the most notably being Business Days Romania.

Global AIESEC volunteer


The best volunteering experience in his portfolio is by far in AIESEC. He joined AIESEC in 2012 but had to quit in the summer of 2013 because he was financially constrained and he wanted to work to win money of his own. Although, the love for this organization stayed with him, and so in the autumn of 2016, this opportunity finds him again and re-joins AIESEC.

He participated in life-changing projects in AIESEC and his best memories are here. He took part in 2 projects and organized a national conference so far but he plans on going much further and will publish his experiences here because they are so full of knowledge and everybody should learn something from this awesome experience.