Referrals not ads.

The main image of the UIBAR CRISTIAN concept is to simply offer the users and readers with simple, clean and easy to read and understand materials without the fuss and obfuscation of annoying ads or promotions. From these considerations we are here to offer you some discounts from our partners that will also help us keep this website online.

Digital Partners


In their words: “A simple and robust cloud computing platform, designed for developers.”.

It helped us tremendously trough it’s simplicity and great API. We have chosen them to be our top hosting company that will hold all of our projects at Vision-Gate.

We love them and their service and we think you’ll do too, so here is a bonus and a chance to give them a try for free.


In their words: “The real-time content delivery network built for the future – HTTP/2 ready.”.

Keycdn plays a key role in the content distribution of our websites and we use them for our clients as well. They are our recommendation, they are also an European based company and they offer top of the line service.